Dead Plugs?  Lights Out? - Clearwater, Florida

I am a Licensed Master Electrician serving Clearwater, with over 30 years experience.  --  I solve Electrical Problems, from ordinary Household Issues to Complex Control problems.

I do all types of  Electrical RepairsLighting Repairs  and  Small Electrical Jobs.  I even trouble shoot and repair complex Machinery and Machine Control Systems.

SERVING:  Clearwater, Largo, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, Dunedin and surrounding Pinellas County, Florida.


If it is a problem, I'll fix it. 

If I can't, I'll know someone who can.

---  Home, Office, Shop, or Factory  ---

--  Based in Clearwater, Florida  --

Saturday Work  at  Weekday  Rates

When I work for you, you get me, not someone else.

Your work scheduled around Your availability and Your needs

I'll answer your questions and even show you how I did it.

If it's Electrical, call me. 

(727)  461-2110

Trick detective tools, including the TROUBLE FINDER, which I designed and built, make it possible to track down difficult power problems in far less time than otherwise would be required.

As an Electrician, I grew up working in the factories of the West Coast, doing Industrial Electrical Construction and Repairs.  Machinery and Control Systems were always my favorite -- fun to design, build, and work on.  I also did entire factory setups and moves.  I loved getting a production line up and running on time, as promised.  These days I do electrical everywhere.

After this much practice it's simple.  If it's Electric I can handle it.  So whether you are at home or at work, call me.

(727)  461-2110
You get the Master Electrician Himself -- Not someone else!

Non-urgent -- personal communications
may be addressed to me by clicking here:

Joe at Duncanson Electric Co

I provide Electrical Services as an Electrician, as an Electrical Consultant, and as an Electrical Contractor, for Electrical Repairs, Electrical Upgrades, Wiring Installations, Custom Lighting Design & Installation, Lighting Maintenance, Lighting Repairs, Home Improvements & Upgrades, as well as Machinery & Machine Control Design, Installation and Repair.

Above is my grandson Atticus.