Electric Meter Base Repair - Tarpon Woods, Florida

I am a Licensed Master Electrician serving Tarpon Woods, with over 30 years experience.  --  I solve Electrical Problems, from ordinary Household Issues to Complex Control problems.

Intermittent loss of power and flickering lights can both be caused by a problem in the electrical meter box outside.  One or more of the Meter Socket JAWS can over heat due to factors such as dirt, moisture, corrosion, and age.  This can then cause a partial or intermittent loss of power, or flickering lights. 

I carry a variety of replacement parts for this problem and can usually handle the problem in just one trip.  Most often, this is not difficult to repair, usually requiring only a few hours, seldom requiring a complete replacement. 

I do all types of  Electrical RepairsLighting Repairs  and  Small Electrical Jobs.  I even trouble shoot and repair complex Machinery and Machine Control Systems.

SERVING:  Clearwater, Largo, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, Dunedin and surrounding Pinellas County, Florida.


If it is a problem, I'll fix it. 

If I can't, I'll know someone who can.

---  Home, Office, Shop, or Factory  ---

--  Based in Clearwater, Florida  --

Saturday Work  at  Weekday  Rates

When I work for you, you get me, not someone else.

Your work scheduled around Your availability and Your needs

I'll answer your questions and even show you how I did it.

If it's Electrical, call me. 

Trick detective tools, including the TROUBLE FINDER, which I designed and built, make it possible to track down difficult power problems in far less time than otherwise would be required.

As an Electrician, I grew up working in the factories of the West Coast, doing Industrial Electrical Construction and Repairs.  Machinery and Control Systems were always my favorite -- fun to design, build, and work on.  I also did entire factory setups and moves.  I loved getting a production line up and running on time, as promised.  These days I do electrical everywhere.

After this much practice it's simple.  If it's Electric I can handle it.  So whether you are at home or at work, call me.

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I provide Electrical Services as an Electrician, as an Electrical Consultant, and as an Electrical Contractor, for Electrical Repairs, Electrical Upgrades, Wiring Installations, Custom Lighting Design & Installation, Lighting Maintenance, Lighting Repairs, Home Improvements & Upgrades, as well as Machinery & Machine Control Design, Installation and Repair.

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